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Fadogia, Aphrodisiac Champion

Fadogia agrestis is a traditionally used aphrodisiac herb that, due to one study noting increases in testosterone in rodents, is currently being investigated for its potential as a testosterone booster. There is not much evidence on this herb at this time, and despite its traditional usage in marketplaces (Mideast and African regions) there are currently no human studies.

In the rodent studies that have been conducted, this herb appears to potently boost testosterone and act as a libido enhancer. It has been noted that while mounting/intromission frequency is increased and latency decreased (common for aphrodisiacs) ejaculation latency, or the time required to ejaculate following intromission, appears to be prolonged; this is not common for aphrodisiacs.

Supplementation of Fadogia agrestis is currently not prudent due to a lack of study replication in rodents and no human evidence, and due to a possible increase in lipid peroxidation associated with damaged cell membranes that needs to be investigated further to see if this is a concern and (if it is) how much of a concern it is.