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Premium Puna Yam

Yam is a crop grown for its stem tubers, which is indigenous to the tropics. It grows well on fertile, free draining loamy soils. Mounds are prepared and the yam planted on top of the mound. Early yams are planted in November, while late crops are between February and April.

Maturity: - It matures within 8-12 months after which it is harvested by digging out the tuber very carefully to avoid bruises and breakages.

Varieties: White Yam, (D. Rotundata) Dundu Banza and punjo; Water Yam (D. Alata), and Yellow Yam (D. Cayeneasis). The major exportable yam in Ghana is the (D. Rotundata) due to its pleasant taste and good storage characteristics, e.g. the popular PUNA Yam.Food: Boiled Yam, Mashed Yam, Yam Balls, Yam Porridge, Yam Chips